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J/ψ pair production at the Tevatron with √s=1.96 TeV [期刊论文]qiao cong-feng; sun li-ping2013-3
P-wave quarkonium decays to meson pairs [期刊论文]chen long-bin; qiao cong-feng2012-11
NLO QCD corrections to Bc-to-charmonium form factors [期刊论文]qiao cong-feng; sun peng; yuan feng2012-8
Study of Doubly Heavy Baryon Spectrum via QCD Sum Rules [期刊论文]tang liang; yuan xu-hao; qiao cong-feng2012-3
Baryonium study in heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory [期刊论文]chen yue-de; qiao cong-feng2012-2
Determining 1−− heavy hybrid masses via QCD sum rules [期刊论文]qiao cong-feng; tang liang; hao gang2012-1
Classification of the entangled states 2 ×M × N [期刊论文]li jun-li; qiao cong-feng2012-1
Pseudoscalar quarkonium exclusive decays to vector meson pair [期刊论文]sun peng; hao gang; qiao cong-feng2011-8
DJpsiFDC: an event generator for the process gg→J/ψJ/ψ at the LHC [期刊论文]qiao cong-feng; wang jian; zheng yang-heng2011-3
Testing charmonium production mechanism via the polarized J/ψ pair production at the LHC [期刊论文]qiao cong-feng; sun li-ping; sun peng2010-7

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